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Welcome to the new home page of
Eshabeta II Kennel

Fila Brasileiros since 1988
Dawna Berg, Owner and Breeder


Home of the
World Champion
Xadrez of Eshabeta II


In response to those of you who have expressed an interest in seeing our facilities.  This is a photo taken in 1998 of our home, farm and kennel the photo you see here represents about 5 acres of a total of our 35 acres on the Pilchuck Creek in Arlington Washington.  Our home and many outbuildings were built in 1906.  We have made improvements to benefit our dogs since this photo was taken and will continue to do so.  Mike and Dawna


About the Fila Brasileiro

    Filas are descendants of the 15th-century English Mastiff, Bloodhound, Bulldog and Rafeiros. From the Bloodhound, he inherited loose skin and keen sense of smell. The Mastiff contributed compact body, courage and an ever-alert disposition. The Bulldog added the unforgiving impetuous temperament. In early history Filas held escaped slaves unharmed for the master.

    The Fila has vigor and authority to its elastic pacing gait. A very large, square, heavy and massive head holds deep, sad eyes. His honesty in his antipathy to strangers invading his territory or threatening his master seems more awe-inspiring than the word 'Ojeriza,' used to describe the Fila's aversion to strangers.

    This muscular, powerful breed is 23  to 29 inches tall, weighing a minimum of 90 pounds.  Bitches according to the breed standard, must be between a minimum of 23 inches tall and a maximum of 27 inches tall, and weigh a minimum of 90 pounds at adulthood (approximately 3 years).  Dogs according to the breed standard, must be a minimum of 25 tall to a maximum of 29 inches tall at the shoulder, and weigh a minimum of 100 pounds at adulthood . Below minimum height  or weight for both sexes is a disqualification, to be  somewhat larger than maximum is a minor fault.  Filas from Eshabeta Kennels would be in these approximate weight ranges:  bitches 135 - 145 pounds, Dogs 165-185 pounds.  We have in our breeding program females weighting between 120 - 175 pounds, and males weighing between 155-203 pounds.  Eshabeta II Kennel considers soundness, temperament, and type more important than size.  Colors include all shades of fawn brindle and black (some dispute the color black). Up to one-quarter of the dog may be white, but white is only allowable on the tip of tail, feet and chest.  The overall appearance is catlike. They walk with a rolling, lion-like gait. They can leap and run and stalk in a feline imitation of movement.

    Despite the no-nonsense attitude of the Fila, its devotion to its family is legendary. It does not permit familiarity of strangers. Clearly extensive socialization and obedience training are essential to give this breed a frame of reference for normal human interaction, so it will not mistake a pat on the back of its master, by a friendly stranger, as an attack.

    Filas are used as cattle drovers, jaguar, boar and bear hunters, as well as home and ranch guard dogs. They are not typically animal-aggressive. A Fila's primary bond is to its master and family, and for this reason they are not suitable as flock guardians, as they desire to be near their human flock. In fact, enormous dedication to their family has been observed as they present a docile, meek, sober, obedient and playful attitude, often extending a paw to touch you, requesting hugs and petting.  A friend to you always.

    Filas are easily 'read' when they are reacting to a perceived threat. The cold-eyed stare, lowering of head, readiness, long body posture, low growl, all tell the world: 'Beware, I am watching your every move!".
    Filas should never be judged solely on appearance. Not only should a quality Fila be beautiful but it is essential they be of good character and temperament and have structural soundness.

    Due to the intensity of this breed's temperament, clearly they are not suitable for just everyone. Educated and responsible owners are a must.



Abbreviated Breed Standard for the Fila Brasileiro

Typically molossoid breed. Powerful bones, rectangular structure, compact but harmonic and proportional. Added to its massiveness a great agility can easily be seen. Bitches must show a well-defined femininity, which differs them immediately from the males.

Courage, determination and outstanding braveness are part of its characteristics. The breed is docile to its owners and family and extremely tolerant with children. Its faithfulness became a Brazilian proverb. It is always looking for the company of its master. One of its characteristics is its distrust of strangers. It shows a calm disposition, self-assurance and self-confidence, not being disturbed by strange noises or when facing a new environment. An unsurpassed guardian of property, it is as well, dedicated by instinct to hunt big game and to cattle herding.

The Fila should have a long reach and elastic gait. It's smooth stride reminds you of the great cats' movement. Its main characteristic is the pace-a two-beat lateral gait in which the legs of each side move back and forth exactly as a pair, causing a rolling or rocking motion of the dog's body (called the camel's pace) accentuated all along the topline to the tail. During the walk it carries the head lower than the back region. It shows a smooth, free and effortless trot with a powerful stride. Its gallop is powerful with unsuspecting speed coming from such a large and heavy dog. Due to its loose articulations, typical of molossoids, the Fila's movements give the impression, and in fact it is so, of being capable of instant and very rapid changes of direction.

In repose it is calm, noble and full of self-assurance. Never discloses a bored or absent expression. When at attention, its expression reflects determination and with a firm and piercing look in the eyes.

Excerpts taken from the Fila Brasileiro breed standard.


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