New - Labled 3 yr DAP Vaccine

An article in the October 17, 2005 issue of First For Women Magazine
highlights a new vaccine called Continuum DAP for dogs.  It announces that a
vaccine just approved by the USDA means your dog needs a shot for distemper,
hepatitis and parvovirus only once every three years instead of annually.

This vaccine was introduced to the American Veterinary Medical Association
(AVMA) at their Annual Convention July 17, 2005 in Minneapolis, MN.

The manufacturer's promo synopsis for their product at the convention:
"Intervet Inc. recently launched Continuum DAP, a USDA-approved canine
vaccine with three-years' duration of immunity against distemper, adenovirus
(hepatitis), and parvovirus. Veterinarians can now confidently implement a
three-year vaccination protocol with these antigens with the full support of
an approved label."

The website has a link/page entitled
Vaccine Protocols, which includes Corona vaccine (and Lyme) which are not
core vaccines to be considered by leading canine immunologist, Dr Ronald
Shultz, University of Wisconsin*.  From my study, most veterinarians seek to
follow label recommendations, which is a good thing and why it was
important, that after the American Animal Hospital Association (AHAA)**
admitted that these (DAP)  core vaccines were most likely only necessary
every three years, that we actually now have a vaccine labeled
appropriately.  Hopefully, after other drug companies complete their
research, there will be more vaccines for dogs labeled for three year
duration, possibly more as the studies mature.   Caution, it is thought that
the drug companies will be raising the price per vial on these new 3 yr core
vaccine immunizations to help defray the costs of the immunity trials.
Trials, that from my view, should have been ongoing in the first place.

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For Dogs' Sake,
Reported by,
Julie Borst Reed

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