List of Iowa Cities - BSL


Here is the most current list I have, Jade.
Iowa is such a hot bed of BSL....there may be many, many towns we know nothing about, but may have over zealous officials capable of actions we all dread everytime we travel with our pets. I live here and do not hear of BSL happenings often times due to the officials network, they tend to quietly pass BSL without any fuss.
This link is perhaps the scariest thing we have going for us here.
If cities have questions regarding the above or would like to receive some sample ordinances, please contact the League.
They urge BSL.........urghhhhh
My advice for anyone traveling INTO Iowa would be to Mapquest the route they will be taking and contact each community they will be passing through.
Have people keep in mind ALL of Benton County is BSL.
I have the majority of the ordinances for the listed towns if anyone wishes to have them to print off for thier travel should they need to go through specific towns. I always figure having hard copy to prove they may NOT confiscate (if it is NOT specified in their ordinance) is a good idea.
Feel free to pass this email along to those who may be traveling into our state.
This list may not reflect all towns with BSL. The towns I have listed are, to the best of my knowledge, correctly on this list.
Iowa Breed Specific Towns (population over 1000)
All towns which are "pit bull" also include the following breeds AmStaff, Staffy Bull, Bull Terrier or any dog which appears to be a mix thereof.
Benton County-Ban on pit bulls
Garrison Atkins
Belle Plaine
Mt. Auburn
Van Horne
Other Iowa communities with bans or restrictive ordinancing
Albia-pit bulls
Asbury-pit bulls
Anamosa pit bull/rotties
Altoona pit bulls rottweiler
Audobon-pit bulls
Belle Plain-pit bulls
Bellevue-pit bulls
Blue Grass-pit bulls
Britt-pit bulls
Buffalo Center rottweilers
Carroll-no pit bulls
Chariton pit bulls
Centerville-currently enforcing fencing licensing restriction on rotts & pit bulls
Cherokee pit bull, rotties, akitas, Dobermans, chows special licensing and fencing
Coggin-pit bulls must be muzzled when outside
Coutier pit bulls
Cascade pit bulls
Carter Lake pit bulls highly restrictive
Council Bluffs pit bulls
Clarence pit bulls
Clive repealed in 07
Dallas Center-pit bulls
Dakota City-pit bulls and Rotties
Dexter-pit bulls
Donnellson-pit bulls & rotties
Dumont-pit bulls
Durant-pit bulls
Des Moines-restrictive ownership on pit bulls
Dows-pit bulls
Emmetsberg pit bulls & rotties
Epworth-pit bulls
Esterville-pit bulls
Evansdale-pit bulls
Fairfax-pit bulls
Fairfeild- breeds over certain weight considered dangerous/with restrictions
Forest City-pit bulls
Glenwood-pit bulls 07'
Hiawatha-pit bulls
Holstein-pit bulls
Hubbard pit bulls &rotties
Ida Grove-pit bull
Jewell-pit bull/rottie/chows/Doberman
Keosauqua-pit bulls/mastiffs
LaPort City-pit bulls
Lake Mills-Rotties AND PIT BULLS NOW
Lamoni-pit bulls
Laurens-pit bulls
New Vienna-pit bulls & rotties
Manning-pit bulls
Manson-pit bulls
Maqouketa-pit bulls
Marcus-pit bulls/rotties
Marshalltown-pit bulls/rotties must fill out application w/city & follow restrictions (may have loosen restriction in 07')
Mediapolis-pit bulls/rotties
Missouri Valley-pit bulls
Mount Ayr-pit bulls
Mount Pleasant-pit bulls-will ban rottie or dobe if there is a complaint
Monticello-pit bulls
Muscatine-pit bull
New London-pit bulls
Osage-pit bulls
Oceola-pit bulls
Odebolt-pit bulls
Olin-pit bulls
Ottumwa-pit bulls
Oxford Junction-pit bulls
Pocohantus-pit bulls
Palo-pit bulls
Preston-pit bulls
Postville-pit bulls
Perry-pit bulls/rotties-insurance & special regulations
Rockwell-pit bulls
Rake-pit bulls/rotties
Roland-pit bulls/muzzled/ins/kennel requirements/photos on record-the all out ban was repealed by two citizens.
Rockwell City-pit bull
Rock Rapids-pit bulls
Scarsville-pit bulls/rotties
Shellsburg-pit bull
Sloan-pit bulls & rotties
Springville-pit bulls
Shell Rock-pit bulls
Sanborn-pit bulls
Sigorney-pit bulls
Sac City-pit bulls & rotts
Sheldon-pit bulls-high restriction
Tabor-pit bulls
Toledo-pit bulls
Urbana-pit bulls
Villisca-pit bulls
Vinton-pit bulls
Wapello-pit bulls
Wellman-pit bulls
West Des Moines-pit bulls restrictive
Wilton-pit bulls
Windsor Heights-pit bulls-highly restrictive
Winfield-pit bulls
Winterset-pit bull
Woodbine-pit bulls
The towns of
You must provide proof when moving to town, from previous town that pit bull or rottie has no incidents.

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